Capitec’s championing the diversity of their clients, and they’ve got a pretty creative way to celebrate it. 

Capitec’s new creative campaign showcases the bank’s commitment to inclusivity and the wide array of offerings catering to all clients. It’s a message that’s solidifying their position as South Africa’s bank for all. 

Francois Viviers, Executive of Marketing and Communications at Capitec.

We met with Francois Viviers, Executive of Marketing and Communications at Capitec, to find out what inspired the direction and messaging of the campaign.

Francois took us back to where it all started for Capitec 20 years ago – the time the bank entered the market by disrupting traditional banking and questioning ‘Why individuals could only bank on Sundays?’, ‘Why couldn’t people bank after 3:30pm?’, ‘Why was banking so expensive?’, and ‘Why did one need to fill in countless forms to deposit money, and then to take it out again?’.

It’s this very mindset and drive to address those needs that led to Capitec disrupting the banking sector in South Africa, being voted South Africa’s Best Digital Bank, and growing into the brand that it is today. 

It’s a message that Capitec continues to advocate today. 

“We have 17 million people who call Capitec their bank and all of them are unique, but they do all have one thing in common. That is simple, transparent banking that is designed to be in their best interest,” explains Francois. 

Capitec continues to shake up the traditional banking approach that defines clients by their status as a student, pensioner or high net earner. They champion celebrating the diversity of their market, and the diversity of South Africa by enabling everyone to Live Better. 

“Live Better is a philosophy that our clients subscribe to, but it’s also a philosophy that our 17,000 employees buy into. Everyone at Capitec asks questions to challenge the status quo and do things differently. Ultimately, to create a better solution for our clients,” adds Francois. 

The campaign was launched in a uniquely Capitec way, by disrupting the digital space and making an impact. 

Capitec hosted a watch party that celebrated the differences of their client base. They’ve extended their partnership with Asics, and delivered a custom designed #LiveBetter sneaker to 36 influencers and media friends, along with a delicious meal to savour while watching the new TVC. 

Tik Tok Star Nangamso Puwani (aka @Thereal_soso) was one of the first to receive her delivery. 

“I’m very excited about the virtual watch party. I’ll definitely be there with my #LiveBetter sneakers on. I can’t get over them,” says the excited influencer. 

The good news is that you too have an opportunity to win yourself a pair of custom designed Capitec kicks. To enter the competition, visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page and reply to the competition post. The competition ends 7 November 2021.