Vodacom RED is more than just a standard voice and data package, it’s a lifestyle experience.

As South Africans, we are creative in our very nature. Those who innovate our latest trends in business, music, health, fashion, film and more have now inspired Vodacom to reimagine their RED product portfolio. 

Vodacom’s Chief Officer for Consumer Business, Jorge Mendes, is visibly proud of their new, value-driven experiences.

“When we talk about experiencing RED, it’s obviously Vodacom RED, but more specifically the Vodacom RED packages. You get so many more benefits, so much more value by just taking out one of the RED plans,” shares Jorge Mendes.

RED clients enjoy the latest technology at the best deals, with plans that include unlimited voice minutes, SMSes and generous data allocations – enabling you to stay connected in the way that suits your lifestyle best.

Jorge adds, “Instead of doing the same thing all the time and designing products and services that we think customers want, we did something very innovative and very basic, by asking the customers what they want. For some it was insurance propositions that they wanted bundled in, for others they wanted some entertainment bundled in – so we took all this feedback and then adapted these tariff plans into total lifestyle packages.”

With that in mind, Vodacom’s new RED plans have been designed to give you the freedom to choose what minutes and data you want, according to what suits your lifestyle, and the best mobile devices to meet your technology needs, with more rewards and more benefits. 

Vodacom wants their customers to enjoy connecting with friends and family hassle-free so they have built a sharing capability into the new RED price plans, that allows you to share data with your loved ones. 

When your lifestyle is so central to your work or the demands of a creative profession mean you often connect with family on the go – RED benefits make it work.

Experience RED and unlock more with Vodacom REDfrom top of the range devices, travel discounts and entertainment to premium services and signature experiences.