This week, we met two phenomenal breadwinners, Babalwa Lingani  and Sisonke Guma, as they went to great heights and depths to conquer their greatest fears. 

A mother and cultural group leader, Babalwa Lingani, has been helping children and communities to forge an identity, find their history and a sense of direction. A phenomenal woman, Babalwa, balances uplifting young talent with her day job, working at a retailer in the city.

Being the breadwinner in a large household, doesn’t leave much to spare though it does help making smart decisions to simplify your finances, which Babalwa has successfully done with the help of Capitec.

“Capitec’s banking app makes my life so easy. When I want to send money to someone, I can use cash send. It makes my life very easy,” she explains. Being such a together woman, we found out a bit more about how she handles fear as she confronted her fear of water. 

“The experience was very exciting. I was very much scared when I got in but when I was in the water, I started to enjoy the water. It was my first time looking under the water and I haven’t felt that feeling ever before in my life.”

It’s a can-do spirit which has served Sisonke Guma so well in picking up the pieces after her and her young siblings lost their parents and she had to be the grown up. As the second oldest of five siblings, Sisonke simply got busy doing what needed to be done.

“With my parents passing away, I had to grow very quickly. I had to become the primary caretaker for my siblings and it is a lot of responsibility. It comes with its ups and downs, however, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

Sisonke realised that she needed to watch her finances more carefully and that is when she decided to turn to Capitec for her financial needs. Unshakeable in rising to such a family challenge, this warrior of a woman does still have a boulder-sized apprehension of heights. One she chose to confront.

“I’m facing my fears because I don’t want to be stagnant and once you face your fears, it shows that you’re going to greater heights,” she explains. While there were moments of terror, Sisonke rose to the occasion and conquered her fear.

The real question is – how many of us could triumph as Sisonke Guma and Babalwa Lingani have over the canyons life has put in the way? 


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