Immerse yourself in the serene Maison Noir, a nature retreat that praises African design.

This week, we travelled to a hidden retreat spot just a half an hour away from Cape Town – Hout Bay Maison Noir.

Owner, Jim Brett, initially wanted to have a place to retire with his partner and upon finding Maison Noir in 2020, he transformed it into Future Found Sanctuary to be enjoyed by other guests.

The home evolved from a residence to being shared as a place to find renewal and guests will find that they are living at peace with nature and serenity.

The reimagining of these interiors was led by Design Director, Diana Lerato George, who as a young girl, would join her father’s trips to buy craft from villages around Southern Africa.

“It’s [Maison Noir] really a celebration of the artisans and the artists on the African continent.”

Diana explains that their philosophy revolves around three design principles called elemental living and these principles are natural, cultural and texture.

This philosophy links and compliments all the design elements that are added to the house ranging from colours, furniture and atmosphere. 

Supporting female-owned businesses who work with authentic artisans and crafters was a priority for Maison Noir. Each choice of furniture or decor makes a difference in local communities and utilises the space to its full potential.

From weaving, basketry, beading, wood and paint, there’s an eyeful of decor in every room to feel right at home in South Africa.

“Future found is really about re-imagining a future by looking to ancient wisdom. That’s where we get our regenerative philosophy form,” explains Romy Paull.

“I think nature is the core of who we are and really guides our whole philosophy so being immersed in this space really helps one to slow down and connect to the self.”

Being surrounded by nature and local design is what gives Maison Noir its charm and a retreat in nature is exactly what some people need to replenish themselves.

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