Indoni Fashion House founded by Kwenzekile Nkomo is making waves in Durban. 

“The reason why it’s called Indoni, it’s coming from the word Indoni amanzi which means ‘Your African Beauty’, hence most of our designs are inspired by anything that is African inspired,” Kwenzi explains. 

To a young designer with no experience nor capital, a mentorship program with Durban Fashion Fair turned promise into business.

While Kwenzi was in the mentorship program, she fell pregnant so she couldn’t showcase or go overseas. Today she’s making up for it while her passion burns bright for fashion.

“The things that influenced me to do fashion is the way I thought I looked like making clothes or looking different or dressing up beautifully for me was sort of an escape.”

The Victoria Street Market is one of the places that Kwenzi gets inspiration for her designs as it is filled to the brim with African inspiration.

The relationship Kwenzi has with her design team is an important part of the design process as they’ve worked together for a long time and without needing to verbally communicate, they know what their clients want. 

Their latest achievement was winning the Durban fashion designer of the year and the most successful fashion business in Durban. They have been running for ten years.

Indoni designs are inspired by women of all races, body shapes, sizes and colours. Kwenzi wants all her clients to feel confident and beautiful in her creations like actress and TV and radio presenter, Zola Mhlongo. 

“My word to the upcoming designers is to know why you started in the first place. Focus on what you’re good at. Stand for what you believe in. Have your voice and focus on your work. Make sure you put in the work because it’s not going to happen overnight.”

With hard work and perseverance, Kwenzi made her dreams of Indoni Fashion House a reality.

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