Discover how social media’s pilot on the gram balances her long term flight plans with living in the moment.

If your aspirations could do with a lift, consider what pilot and social media sensation Melissa has achieved. 

Melissa aka @pilot_onthegram is a 24 year old commercial pilot, aircraft manager and content creator. 

“I wanted to be a pilot from a young age and have always had a passion for the industry,” shares the aviation enthusiast. 

She adds, “It was so exciting whenever I’d get the privilege to board an aircraft and be exposed to turbulence. Funny enough that was one of my most favourite things as a kid.” 

Along on every ride she takes her GoPro and her hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

“Just last year on Instagram, I had less than 4000 followers and I said to myself, let’s just take a leap of faith – start creating content about my job because this is my passion – and the response was completely overwhelming. I’m now in a position where I get to share my passion every single day with millions of people from all around the world,” comments Melissa.

“This really has given me the platform to not only encourage and inspire, but also to reach many more people who feel like their dreams are unattainable. I’m living proof that it’s not the case.” 

Melissa has already achieved such exciting things and this is only the beginning. Her next goal is to pilot 737 jets but she’s not letting that overwhelm her, because right now she’s very happy living in the moment.