From her childhood in Gavaza Village, Tzaneen to this Highveld penthouse, our reigning Miss South Africa is the image of a prospering, young woman – of substance.

The ever so gracious and poise Miss South Africa 2022, Ndavi Nokeri, is not only blessed with beauty and brains, but an eye for everything stylish with a mix of elegance to match.

From being one of the very first to interview this reigning Queen, we are yet again given the privilege to tour her glamorous Midrand apartment. An exclusive into her nest fit for our national treasure. 

Outside of serving the Miss SA 2022, Ndavi is also a content creator and activist, and this apartment was designed to fit her personality, as well as provide a comfortable haven to ensure that Miss Nokeri experiences the great leisure she deserves.

From the jacuzzi, a massive balcony, spacious rooms, and a charming view overlooking the city, this is just a glimpse of what the luxurious experience the apartment has to offer. 

As a graduate from the University of Pretoria, and attaining her BCom in Investment Management, education is one of Ndavi’s greatest passions. Thus, using her reign to campaign for the inequality gap in the South African education system. 

As a passionate and resilient Queen that Ndavi is, her true calling pushed her into leaving her job in Cape Town, where she worked for an asset management firm, to fully focus on Miss SA, and ultimately winning the grand prize. A truly remarkable ending to her life changing sacrifice.

While the apartment is stunning in its entirety, one of the spaces that caught our eye was the content room filled with a few of Miss SA’s most memorable gowns. One of which being the chic evening gown she graced the stage with during the crowning of Miss SA 2022 by bridal and evening couture designer, Jolandie Fouche.

A definite head turner. And as if that wasn’t enough spoils, Ndavi further shares her favourite designer piece by yet another talented South African designer, Willet Designs Couture. A selection of garments fit for this remarkable Queen. 

Whether it be house interior, activism or anything beauty, Miss SA 2022, Ndavi Nokeri has it all.


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