Finding your passion and turning it into a profitable business while in school is a skill not many possess. However, that was not the case for former Jeppe High School for Girls student and business owner, Katrina Sutcliffe

It was at this very school just 12 years ago that this young entrepreneur started her cake business, with the support of her friends and teachers, that saw her blossom and grow it into a lucrative business. Being an entrepreneur was not something new to Katrina. 

“Growing up I always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” she shares. Further adding that she would make and sell things, so, with no surprise, starting this cake business in high school wasn’t something too far fetched for someone like her. 

With no background in baking, Katrina started her cupcake business from ready-made cake mixes that she would sell to close friends, teachers, and eventually the community at large. Being the hard worker that she is, she eventually developed and curated her own recipes that catered to her taste.

Katrina shares that one of the contributors to her successful business is knowing her consumers well. Understanding what they like, being creative, having good customer service and having a teachable spirit in the process.  

Being a successful business owner with longevity comes with the constant urge to venture into new business opportunities, and Katrina is no exception. From her cake business to her recent property development projects, her drive is truly inspirational.

Behind this independent woman, is a bank that has supported her throughout her business ventures. Katrina notes that the two features on the Capitec app that she uses the most are the saving pockets and the live better feature.

“On the live better feature, you are able to save automatically so you just set your increments on how much you want it to take off and it saves for you,” she says. 

A skill she’s keen on teaching the youth to help them be independent and help sustain themselves in these uncertain times. A true advocate of hard work. 

Start small, with what you have. Get your name and product out there, some good reviews, and take it from there. That’s Katrina Sutcliffe’s advice.


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