Private Chef Aya Gope aka The Cook Dude invites us to prepare a healthy meal with him.

Capitec Client and private chef Ayabonga Gope honed his craft at the Chef’s and Hospitality Skills Academy and first became known to us as a finalist on a popular reality cooking show. 

The young chef is all about eating healthy on a budget and cooking with fresh produce. We caught up with him to see first-hand how he prepares meals for his friends and loved ones. 

He took us through the steps to quickly whip up a healthy homemade health bar that he likes to keep on hand, with toasted oats, almonds, and pumpkin seeds that he combined with a paste of prunes, dates and honey.

Chef Aya understands all too well that healthy food can still be delicious, so consciously sources all his ingredients to make nutritious snacks.

“I am fixated with simple foods, and showing others how to use simple ingredients in their homes to make delicious, yet affordable food. Today I’m going to be cooking for my friends and show you how to be better on a budget,” says Aya.

Try Chef Aya’s Crunchy Health Bar recipe here.

The main dish for the day was a tasty chicken and spiced-oat salad that he served up on a bed of greens for lunch, with; strawberries, fresh herbs, and toasted almonds.

Close friend Siyabonga Mbaba, and cousin Hlonela Bulana were invited to enjoy the meal and savour the company.

“It’s nice to have a friend that is motivating and supportive, and very focused on their careers, especially when it comes to food. It’s always beautiful to see the amazing work, the creation, and the passion behind the presentation of the food. Aya is so dedicated to his work,” shares Siyabonga.

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It’s clear that value for money is a top priority for The Cook Dude, while not compromising on quality. That’s why he’s opted to bank with Capitec. 

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